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Blu Oharo

Age: 17

Blu Oharo, the oldest of three siblings.  Hes is also the main protagonist/hero, of the story.  A year after his father's death, Blu has visions and dreams of other things beyond what is in front of his front door.  He soon realizes he is more than just a mere human, but part of another race that was supposed to be lost many decades ago.  Destined to be the last hope against an endless empire, called The Gyth.  His good will, and fearless wit is what makes and will create him a good leader and hero for the soon threat to come.

Kya Oharo

Age: 16

Kya is the younger sister of Blu Oharo.  She is the second oldest of the trio and the loudest.  She's not afraid to speak her mind about things.  Kya is now at a crossroad, a year after her father's death.  With Blu being away, to train with his sensei, she has had to be the rock of the family, her youngest brother and mother.  At her age, all she wants now, is to get life back to normal somehow, but even she knows that may not happen with the new threat arriving.

Omario Boyd

Age: 17

Omario is Blu's best friend.  They've been friends from time they can remember.  Omario is the smartest of the group, smartest in his whole class as well as the state of Washington and even more.  Even though he looks tough, Omario would rather spend his days in a lab, working on science, than a fighting ring of some sort.  His recent visions may unlock more in why he has become even more knowledgeable as Blu has returned from his recent training.

Yuni Oharo and Joe Boyd.

Yuni age: 12

Joe age: 11

Both these young boys are the younger siblings of Blu and Omario.  Like Blu and Omario, Yuni and Joe are best friends as well.  These two together make an awesome duo as they find humor in almost everything.  They also bring lite heart to the group on the incoming journey.  


Age: 25

Chancer is a former thief and current freedom fighter of his his home planet Zamun.  Chancer has witnessed many tragedies and loses, including scars on his arm from his battle with warlord Sic.  He is put in a place where he must now help Blu and the others, in order to finally free his people and take revenge against The Gyth empire.


Age: Unknown

Nitto maybe the last of a small race called the Saji.  The Saji are small, magical, yet powerful creatures, that studied peace and harmony.  The Saji were able to help The Owecs keep the powerful Four, confined in their containments, by casting a powerful magic spell.  In fact, it was the Saji that helped bring about a new light to The Owecs, showing them the true meaning to peace and coexisting with each other.  In helping them, they would be the target to Lord Age and The Gyth empire.  Nitto is, was a close allied friend to Dako and Owecs.  He fought to help prevent the eradication of the Owecs and the universe.  In so, his people were lost at the hands of Age and his army.  Now alone, what part does he hold in the new war against The Gyth, and help for Blu and friends.


Age: 17
Flure was once the prince of the aquatic planet, Waterare.  He possess the ability of telepathy, super human strength and speed.  Due to being half human and aquatic, he can breathe under water and swim at high speeds.  Flure was exiled by his own father, King Oceaonous, once The Gyth took reign over the planet.  For many years, Flure would be on his own, fighting against The Gyth, looking to liberate his former kingdom and stop his father.
It would be at the end, Flure finally realizes his father was always on his side, after sacrificing himself against The Gyth Warlord Spector.
With this new reason to fight even more, Flure looks to help Blu and the others stop The Gyth empire once and for all.

Warlord Sic

Warlord Sic is the main antagonist in book one. He is one of the many warlord generals of The Gyth empire, serving under Lord Age, the leader of The Gyth.  Sic runs part of the quadrant of the galaxy he inhabits, with zero heart and an iron fist.  Onc a deadly and swift warrior, now genetically engineerd into ifferent ing, possessing poisonous attributes that can kill a normal person in an instant if close by.  His fear is only that to himself and his ambition to reach higher goals under Age.  But a new threat has come his lands and this may very well end those ambitions or rise, if he is victorious.  



Kiko, a fusion born character created by accident from both Yuni and Joe. In an attempt to want to do more for Blu and the others, an energy would form around the two, causing them to fuse together and create the unique Owec named Kiko. Kiko shows the exuberance and energy youth, like his counterparts, Yuni and Joe. Kiko shows the same abilities as an Owec, except he is young and still new to all his powers at hand, with nowhere near the level of where Blu can potentially be.  If there is a weakness,  he could be overly confident at the wrong time, and due to him only staying fused for a certain amount of time, he can't afford to be too cocky in the battlefield


Red... the mysterious character who comes out of nowhere in book two. He resembles some parts and traits like Blu and the others, yet still remains different.  Raised by space pirates, Red leaned  heavily on their space pirate leaders and also his best friend, Sylvia. With the war of The Gyth empire, leadership would diminish and so would most of the space pirates Red was affiliated with, leaving him, Silvia and a few others to fend for themselves in the wilderness of space. But they soon find their way to Blu and the gang... for what interest purpose remains to be seen.


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